Apex Legends Season 1 Update


After weeks of leaks and teasers, we finally have information on the new Season 1 Update which includes a new Legend and the all awaited Battle Pass. Earlier this month, Respawn Entertainment revealed their roadmap for Apex Legends which includes a Battle Pass system, new Legends, new weapons and lots of new loot that will be releasing throughout the year

With multiple threads on forums and Reddit, many players have demanded for more details and now, the devs have finally given us the information we need with the new Battle Pass system and the arrival of the new Legend, Octane. The first Season of Apex Legends will be called, “Wild Frontier”

The Battle Pass comes in two different packages; the original Battle Pass, which goes for 950 Apex Coins and the Battle Pass Bundle, which lets you jump 25 levels in the Battle Pass and goes for around 2800 Apex Coins.

The Battle Pass will feature exclusive Wild Frontier Legend Skins, Apex Coins, Apex Packs (a lot of them), some new exclusive Weapon skins and brand new Seasonal Trackers for your favourite Legend.

Now you must be wondering, if there are Battle Pass rewards, what about the folks who don’t want to invest in one? Worry not as Respawn have also added Free Rewards for thos who take part in Season 1. These include 1x Wild Frontier Skin, 5x Apex Packs and 18x Wild Frontier Stat Trackers but you have to fight your way for it!

We are super excited for the upcoming update and can’t wait to check out the new Battle Pass. Are you going to be buying the first ever Battle Pass in Apex Legends?