Battlefield V Firestorm


After its initial announcement back in 2018, many fans of the Battlefield franchise had mixed reactions over a Battlefield Battle Royale. Titled “Firestorm”, many old school Battlefield Veterans had second thoughts whereas many of the franchise’s fanbase were interested and loved the idea of a Battlefield Battle Royale

Earlier this week, EA and DICE revealed the first look at the gameplay of Battlefield V Firestorm and everyone (including us from the GamerConnect team) absolutely loved it! From new content, new weekly challenges and new rewards, Firestorm has a lot in store for you!

Like every other game in the Battle Royale genre, the game comes with two modes; Solos and Squads; with a total of 64 players dropping towards the large map of Halvøy, a vast and mysterious peninsula where the best soldiers will have to scavenge, fight and survive across land, air and sea.

Firestorm introduces a new gameplay mechanic known as “Objectives and Reinforcements” where players will have to work together to find resupply points, vehicle lockers and capture various objectives across the map to get some amazing weapons, vehicle drops and everyone’s favorite, the V-1 Rocket.

Along with that, there are 17 new vehicles added exclusively for Firestorm and those include tanks, towable cannons, the Proto-type Helicopter and the amphibious vehicle, the Schwimmwagen. These vehicles are found across the map and also come as a Reinforcement.

What Battlefield game mode is complete without the lovable destructive environment it has to offer? Firestorm will include a lot of the game’s classic weapons, gear and destructible houses so you can take down your enemy squads in the most innovative way. But be warned, the deadly ring of fire that encloses also destroys everything in its path

The devs have announced that they will be rolling out more content, including the Duos mode to Firestorm, as time passes. So strap up your parachutes and jump into this vast arena of death where only one will be standing victorious