GamerConnect Apex Legends Streamer Showdown – Champions


The GamerConnect Apex Legends Streamer Showdown has come to an epic end! Eight streamers battled it out in one legendary showdown to see who would come out on top as the Ultimate Apex Legend. The fun community event was packed with two days of fun streams, casting, analysis and some intense action!

Rakazone Gaming emerged as the Champion of the GamerConect Apex Legends Streamer Showdown along with his teammates, Robo49 and ExionHD. The team ended the tournament with a grand total of 309 points, racking up over 200 kills in the process. ExionHD also topped the Individual Kill Leaderboard with over a 100 kills in the entire event. But a lot of streamers had shown promise in their gameplay and skills, namely Global Esports and RachIsLive
The tournament was a good eye-opener and learning experience for us and we had an awesome time hosting it for the #GamerConnect Army!