GamerConnect Kolkata – FIFA 19 Tournament


Did we mention that GamerConnect Kolkata is going to have a huge FIFA 19 tournament with amazing prizes? It appears not.

FIFA 19 is getting the special treatment at GamerConnect Kolkata and we aim to please all FIFA fans with one of the best executed tournaments for FIFA in the region. There will be a tournament on each day of the event, so even if you don’t win on the first tournament, you always have a chance to win on the second one. The winner will be getting a GamerConnect Trophy along with an Ant Esports MK1000 Mechanical Keyboard while the runners up will get an Ant Esports H500 Gaming Headset.

The rules for the FIFA 19 Tournament are –

  • Game Type: Normal ( Penalties incase of Draw)
  • Controls: XboxOne
  • Team Level: Any
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Weather: Sunny / Clear
  • Squad Type: Online
  • Choosing Squad Type “Custom” will result in a forfeit of the match

Winners of Day 1 cannot take part in the Day 2 tournament.

Play FIFA 19 in the best possible way and prove yourself to be the best FIFA player in the entire Kolkata gaming community at GamerConnect Kolkata.

FIFA 19 – Day 1

FIFA 19 – Day 2

Register for GamerConnect Kolkata by clicking on this blue link right here.

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