GamerConnect PUBG PC Tournament: Kolkata


GamerConnect is set to bring you India’s first proper PUBG PC tournament with Esports servers in the upcoming event in Kolkata on 8th and 9th June. The GamerConnect PUBG PC tournament will be officially supported by partners such as – Dell, Alienware, LG, Western Digital, Ant Esports and Nvidia. It will have 4 qualifiers set across 4 days – 25th & 26th May + 1st & 2nd June. All qualifiers except the one on 26th May will be held at Zone Cafe, Kolkata. 26th May Qualifier will be held online. All the qualifying teams will be fighting it out on 9th June – on the final day of GamerConnect Kolkata.

The PUBG Tournament at GamerConnect Kolkata will have it’s own dedicated space and will feature:

  • 40 PCs
  • 144 Hz Monitors
  • Led screen for observers
  • Casters

The total prize pool for the GamerConnect PUBG PC tournament is over 50,000 and that’s excluding all the goodies and gears you’re going to get if you come in the top 3.

The Esport servers are specifically meant for tournament use for better performance and stability. With this PUBG tournament, the idea is to give players the ultimate experience of playing PUBG in high end PCs with the best gear available for the best gaming experience.

And if that wasn’t enough, on Day 1 of GamerConnect – 8th June, there will be a community PUBG tournament with gaming gear and goodies to win. There will be walk-in registrations happening for that on the 8th itself from 9:00 AM till 10:00 AM.

So even if you’re not participating in the main tournament, there will be enough for you to see forward to during the event.

Here are the details on the PUBG Community Tournament on Day 1 of GamerConnect Kolkata –

  • On spot registration from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
  • 3 types of Competitions
    • Solo, Duo and Squad
  • Points for Kill = 1
  • Points for coming in Top 8
  • 9 maps  

Best of 3

  • Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar / From 10:30 AM till 1:00 PM / Solo
  • Sanhok, Miramar, Erangel / From 1:30 PM till 4:00 PM / Duo
  • Miramar, Erangel, Sanhok / From 4:30 PM till 7:00 PM / Squad

And here are the details for the PUBG PC Tournament:

  • You can find details of the PUBG PC Tournament qualifiers by going to this link here.

QUALIFIER 1 – 25th May –
QUALIFIER 3 – 1st June –
QUALIFIER 4 – 2nd June –

  • Total no. of teams to qualify for finals = 10
  • Points for kill = 1
  • Points for coming in Top 8
  • Best of 7 in finals
    • Map rotation – Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Sanhok, Erangel, Miramar, Erangel

Put on your best game face and come over to GamerConnect Kolkata to have the ultimate PUBG PC experience!

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