Metro Exodus – First Impressions


The latest installment in the Metro franchise, Metro Exodus, has finally hit the shelves after four years since the Metro Redux pack had come. Many avid fans of the franchise (including myself) have been long waiting for another Metro game and now that we have got it, we must say that it is a visual treat. In true fashion, Metro Exodus takes place after the events of Last Light’s “Good” Ending. The story follows the journey of Artyom who has learned the dark truth about Moscow and flees with his team of Spartans

For the first time from true Metro fashion, the game is finally open-world which means you are free to explore the world of Volga and Russia. The game does a brilliant job of the story telling, visual effects and the environmental setting. You can also get the extra added immersion thanks to the Russian Voice Lines to make you feel more like in Russia. Apart from the amazing gameplay, new crafting mechanics, the game also adopts the utilization of NVIDIA’s newest ray tracing technology for added illumination and real-time lighting and reflection. It also features DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) which reduced the jagged edges and improves performance in the game.

So far, we’re loving the new Metro game. The only thing that threw most of us off was the exclusivity for the Epic Games Store and not Steam as Metro is well known to be a Steam game. But all-in-all, this game is a wonderful treat for Metro fans and is definitely worth playing! We’d rate it an 8/10