Top Things Shown Off at Ubisoft E3 2019


Not everyone was awake through the night to watch Ubisoft E3 briefing. Some of us have jobs, others have children, while others have even more difficult things to deal with, like themselves.

So I went out of the way to compile a list of the jaw dropping moments that we were endowed with in the Ubisoft E3 press conference. Being a gamer, I thrive off of announcements that may or may not make me happy 1-2 years down the line but the hype makes the entire journey worth while. So let us continue on our hype train as we discuss all the things announced this E3 2019 by Ubisoft.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft started their conference with the not so secret Watch Dogs: Legion. Legion was leaked weeks before E3 by several online media outlets but seeing the game in action was something else entirely. Being able to play anyone – from a 70 year old granny to a 30 something Ex Secret Service agent – sounds like something that is almost impossible to achieve, but Ubisoft seems to have done it. Each character we recruit has their own voice lines, animations, their own way of walking and holding a gun – it all seems too good to be true to be honest. But if the game plays like it was showcased in E3, it’s well on it’s way to being one of the most unique games made till date.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, we play in Post Brexit London, a controversial tale already, but we don’t fight the government. Instead, we fight a security corporation, or at least the likes of one, called Albion. We are of course Deadsec and please colour us excited to see what this game is all about when it launches on 6th March, 2020.

Rainbow Six: Quarantine

Ok, I’m honestly not a PVP person and I know a lot of people love Rainbow Six Siege. I always wished for a game with that much complexity but with hardcore PVE elements. This year, it seems the Gods at Ubisoft are omnipotent cause they have heard my prayers.

Rainbow Six: Quarantine is full PVE focused spin off of Rainbow Six: Siege. It features ~~~ *drumrolls* ~~~ Zombies!

Okay, perhaps not the most innovative enemies but the concept works and we get to kill a lot of them. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt since we haven’t had a good Left for Dead type of game for some time now. If there’s a proper progression system in the game and hopefully a story mode, I will get a tattoo saying I love Ubisoft and buy their game. Or i’ll just buy their game and leave it at that.


Brawlhala is basically free Smash for PC. Not a lot of people know that it’s a game published by Ubisoft and actually plays very well. For the cost of free, it’s something that everyone should try out and there are on-going updates all the time like the latest one announced at E3 this year that you can read about here.

Now with Adventure Time cartoon guy and his Dog, it’s even better! Maybe give us announcer voice packs also Ubisoft? Pretty please?

You can get the game for free here.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint


We knew this already, but if you’re like me and get swept up by fanservice – here are the links to various videos of the Punisher… erm… I mean… Jon Bernthal and his amazing motion captured face in action that were released during E3. Just enough to create the right amount of hype!

In this video, we take a look at the Wolves – the gang of people whom the Ghosts (us) will be fighting. Oooh, scary.

In this video, The Punisher gives a scary speech.

In this video, we see how Drones are the next biggest global threat and not something simple, like plastic. 

Just Dance 2020

This is a game where you… Just Dance.

Honestly, we kept this in the article just to make that pun. But for some reason, games like these work a lot in Japan. Hopefully our local Otakus pick this up.

Roller Champions

Ubisoft’s attempt at creating a new genre of Sports game. Looks pretty cool but time will tell if it has the ability to be something along the lines of Rocket League. Their bold attempt is still applaudable though, I don’t remember the last time someone tried to make a sports oriented video game that hit the chord like this one does. It’s one of those games that feels like it might actually have a place in reality sometime down in the future if we have the right technology.

Seems innovative, maybe with a lot less gore than we saw in Alita Battle Angel but it sure seems like something I will give a try.

Gods and Monsters

This is Ubisoft’s big new IP for the time being. Gods and Monsters is made by the developers behind Assassin’s Creed Odessey. Personally, while Odessey didn’t resonate a lot as an Assassin’s Creed game with me, it was an overall wonderful game none the less. To see the guys behind that get a chance at making an original IP honestly gives me a lot of hope. I am quite excited to see how they take it forward. For the moment, we’ve only gotten a few screenshots and a reveal trailer but i’ve a gut feeling that says this will be one of the better games to come out in the near future.

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