About Us

About GamerConnect

GamerConnect is one of India’s largest gaming platforms having conducted over 14 events since 2016 reaching over 30,000 Gamers offline and 10 Million + online. We are the only technology showcase platform that puts gamers first and ensure the best possible experiences for both, gamers and the brands behind our various activities.

What started as just events has now developed into a robust online platform reaching out to every corner of the gaming industry with events, Esports, engaging content and our very own ecommerce platform.

Events : GamerConnect is the only IP in India with an annual calendar of events that is constantly engaging with gamers across the country both offline and online. At GC Events we always put gamers first and emphasise on experiences that allow as many gamers as possible to get their hands on the latest games and hardware

Esports : Similar to our events calendar, we have a packed esports schedule that keeps us connected with various games and communities that covers both traditional and non traditional esports titles.

Ecommerce : We have just launched our own ecommerce platform with carefully curated products and assembled PC’s that have GamerConnects stamp of approval.

Content : Together with our in house team and list of partnered influencers we have constant stream of high quality content around both games and hardware that helps us maintain our industry leading online engagement rates.

Whether it’s at events or online, at GamerConnect we always put gamers first; which is why we’re one of the most trusted brands in gaming today