Creepy Halloween Fanart | #GamerConnect Community Showcase

We have a ton of cool Halloween stuff this time around to showcase from the Community! #GamerConnect #GCArmy

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Check out the #GamerConnect Valorant Streamer Showdown v3 on the 26th of September - https://youtu.be/WK_lXrW6Ohg

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FAU-G announced, Prince of Persia Remaster might be showcased at Ubisoft Forward and Overwatch 2 is just across the horizon

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One Game One Minute | Spiritfarer

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Call of Duty finally got revealed, new Prince of Persia Remaster leaks and a Batman game without Batman. So much to talk about this week!

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John Cena is now a playable DLC in A Plague Tale: Innocence. Rainbow Six and PUBG Highlights. God of War, Battlefield V and Far Cry 4 Screenshots. Als...

Battlefield 6 To Have More Than 128 Players? | Top Gaming News

The creators of Metro Series are working on a new IP and a new multiplayer game. More Apex Legends news. Battlefield is still not done with Battle Roy...